Welcome to our Blog Site.

As things in this world become more expensive and
the only thing not going up is our wages,
and they start talking about a recession
-it can make wondering how we will eat
and make life enjoyable very stressful.

So I started this Blog to put together some cheap
and fun ideas for families, like mine,
that have to stick to a tight budget in order to survive.

**It is amazing the things you can come upwith feeding a family of 4 on$120 per fortnight!**

I hope that you find this useful, it will be being updated
all the time with new things.

All the food and activities I will be puttingon here,
I will have made myself before and I will work out
how much it will cost to make.

If you have any Recipes, Activity Idea's or anything
you would like to add please email me.

Also if you would like to be on the mailing list please
email me and you will get a email every time I update the Blog.

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1. Main Meals
2. Sweets
3. Treats for Kids
4. Activities for Kids

Playdoh Cooked/Uncooked

If you are on a tight budget -
playdoh and crafty things for the kids to play with can be expensive.
Here are some recipes to help you make some playdoh for the kids to play with.
It cost me less than $1 to make a batch.
(I got 4 colours out of it)